Hole-by-hole view of the course.

Hole 1 - Eagle One

This reachable par 4 gives the opportunity for eagle but not without its challenges. Club selection is key. 3 giant pines centered in the fairway force a higher shot than wanted. Using a mid to long iron off the tee will set up an easier approach shot to the green. Long hitters deciding to ‘go for it’ should take into account the water over the green.
Hole 3 - Grouse Grind at Grouse Nest Golf Course.

Hole 2 - Raven’s Revenge

Driver off the tee to the top of the hill on this difficult dogleg gives chance to take aim at the green below. Shorter shots lead to a blind approach from the bottom of the hill. The elevated target green is protected by bunkers front and back, O.B. trees to the left and water hazard to the right. Walking away with par will have you counting your lucky stars.
Hole 3 - Grouse Grind at Grouse Nest Golf Course.

Hole 3 - Grouse Grind

The signature hole of Grouse Nest. ‘The Grind’ as we call it requires careful club selection. Long hitters need to avoid the creek and woods. Short shots are flirting with water and sand. Those fortunate enough to hit the target green are faced with a slippery putt for birdie, or perhaps to save par.
Hole 3 - Grouse Grind at Grouse Nest Golf Course.

Hole 4 - Crow’s Nest

Favour the left side on this uphill tee shot. A drive that finds the right side bunkers make it difficult to stick this green. Don’t be afraid to use the hill on the left to get a favourable kick. Long hitters be wary of the green side bunker and water hazard.
Hole 3 - Grouse Grind at Grouse Nest Golf Course.

Hole 5 - Duck Blind

A blind shot to the landing area, this hole is fraught with dangers. O.B. on the left, water front right and back left. Deep bunker at the back of the green. A short iron down the left will set up for an easy wedge to the middle of the green.

Hole 6 - Quill Pointe

No room for error on this punishing Par 5. First and 2nd shots will need to be played almost perfect to avoid hazards scattered throughout the narrow uphill fairway. Those who manage to navigate the hazards are faced with a challenging third. A sloping two tiered green perched atop a hill will test the nerves of even the most stalwart of golfers.

Hole 7 - Bat Cave

Cut the corner of this dogleg right if you feel lucky. Remembering the bunker that guards the front of the green. Short shots are sure to find the O.B. woods. Long shots are threatened by the water along the left edge of the fairway. Play it as designed and lay up in order to leave for an easier pitch into this well protected green.

Hole 8 - Fox Hole

A challenging par 3. Trees run along the hill on the left edge of the fairway. Missing to the right brings a deep greenside bunker into play and leaves for a very difficult uphill shot to the inverted saddle shaped green. Making this green tough to stick.

Hole 9 - Coyote Run

A dogleg left with water at every turn. A well placed first shot to the corner leaves a long iron or fairway wood to the back to front sloping green. Water runs the length of the fairway on the left and trees line the right. A couple of well placed giant pines make this an even more difficult approach shot.